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Seite 1 - Pepper Wireless Pad

Getting Started With Your Pepper Wireless Pad

Seite 2

Using the keypadsThe Pepper pad uses the standard QWERTY arrangement with the keys split between the left and right keypads. Setting up your Pepper w

Seite 3 - Table of Contents

Setting up your Pepper wireless pad 9Power button for turning pad on, putting it to sleep, and turning it off.Media control keys for use with music, v

Seite 4 - Introduction

Pepper Setup HelperSetting up your Pepper pad takes only a few minutes. The Pepper Setup Helperwill present you with a series of simple screens in whi

Seite 5 - Introduction 3

Setting up your Pepper wireless pad 11Downloading the Pepper Desktop programThe Pepper Desktop program runs on a Windows computer (with a Macintoshver

Seite 6 - Introduction4

Using the Pepper pad software12The software on the Pepper pad is intuitive to use. You’llbe surfing the Web, reading your e-mail, watching videos,and d

Seite 7 - Setting up your

Using the Pepper pad software 13Applications and the Keeper applicationNote: Everything you put on your pad is saved automatically, so there is no Sav

Seite 8 - Putting your pad to sleep

Using the Pepper pad software14Open application iconsAt the bottom of the Pepper pad screen is an area that displays icons for all of the applications

Seite 9

Getting media onto your padThere are several ways to get your photos, music, and other content onto your pad:• from a Universal Serial Bus (USB) stora

Seite 10 - Keys on the

Sharing from your padThe Share button gives you a great way to share what you create on your Pepperpad with other Pepper pad and Pepper Desktop users.

Seite 11

1. Tap the Applications tab in the Keeper. 2. Tap the Mail icon on the Applications page.3. Tap the Get Mail button in the page toolbar.Because the Ma

Seite 13

Everyone on your network who is using a Pepper pad or a Pepper Desktop program is automatically a member of your local IM group. The members of thisgr

Seite 14 - Using the Pepper pad

Using the Pepper pad software 19If your Pepper pad won’t turn onIf you can’t turn your Pepper pad on, first make sure that the battery is charged ortha

Seite 15 - Application pages and tabs

Pepper wireless pad specifications20Pepper wireless pad specificationsProcessor• Intel XScale PXA270 (624 MHz)Display• 8.4” 800x600 SVGA TFT LCD• Intel

Seite 16 - Status icons

Index 21Aapplicationicons, 14pages, 13tabs, 13applications, 4Bbattery charging, 5Bluetooth, connecting devices, 18Ddescription of pad, 2desktop progra

Seite 17 - Keeping Web clippings

FCC Information22FCC InformationNote: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to par

Seite 21 - Restarting your Pepper pad

© 2005 Pepper Computer, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Pepper, Pepper Computer and the Pepper logo are trademarks of Pepper Computer, Inc.Pepper Computer,

Seite 22 - Pepper Desktop

Introduction 2Setting up your Pepper wireless pad 5Charging the battery 5Using the power button 6Using the stylus and the touch screen 7Using the keyp

Seite 23 - Index 21

Introduction2IntroductionThe new Pepper wireless pad is a portabledevice that you can use to connect to theInternet anywhere a Wi-Fi®network withbroad

Seite 24 - FCC Information

Introduction 3Because everything is stored on the Pepper pad, you can also use your padoffline to write e-mail to send later, to listento music you ha

Seite 25

Web BrowserDirectly access the Web with the Mozilla™ based browser. Keep and organize your bookmarks and Webpage clippings. Shop. Read newspapers. Do

Seite 26

Setting up your Pepper wireless padSetting up your Pepper wireless pad 5The first time you turn on your Pepper pad, the Pepper Setup Helper guides you

Seite 27

Setting up your Pepper wireless pad6Using the power buttonThe power button is on the top right of the Pepper pad. When your pad is on, this button is

Seite 28

Setting up your Pepper wireless pad 7Turning your pad off completelyNote: The Pepper pad is designed to be left on or sleeping. We recommend thatyou t

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